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This page will be updated as and when attractions, events and acts are confirmed. Please keep visiting this page for up-to-date information.

Although the management will do its best to ensure all the acts perform as agreed, the management cannot accept responsibility for late cancellation or alteration of performance times and reserves the right to change the acts featured without prior notice.

Thursday 18th May 2023 - Day Session


Please note - there will be no steam train rides.

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Thursday 18th May 2023 - Trade Session


An opportunity to meet other brewers, publicans and suppliers to the trade in the unique atmosphere of the Rail Ale Festival.  Applications for trade session tickets should be emailed to
If you would enjoy a chance to judge some of our competition beers please indicate this in your email.  We would value your judgement and hope you will consider joining a panel.

VIP Rail Ale Lunch

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Thursday 18th May 2023 - Evening Session

6.30pm to 11.00pm

Bad Manners Live Rail Ale Party Night

Rail Ale Party Night

Bad Manners, featuring vocalist, Buster Bloodvessel, are the best in British ska, known for their bald, enormous-bodied frontman's silly on-stage antics and their 2-Tone tracks including UK hits such as "Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu," "Lip Up Fatty," "Special Brew," and "Can Can.”

Outrageous and enigmatic, they are one of the country’s best loved live acts.  The ska craze might have peaked in the mid 80s but the band have been on tour ever since, getting people dancing all over the world. Now in their 45th year and showing no signs of stopping, Buster and the Bad Manners boys are making an eagerly awaited first appearance at Rail Ale.

So get your boots on, it’s time to party Bad Manners style!

Bad Manners will be supported by Brew Droop, a Derbyshire-based three-piece funky reggae party band playing all the classics.

6.30pm                Doors open

7.45pm                Brew Droop

9.00pm                Bad Manners 

Please note this is an all standing event.

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Friday 19th May 2023

In the Marquee

2.00pm Rocks and Frocks – Good time dance band playing classics from the 50s and 60s, always smart and always happy.

Main Stage

1.00pm - Adam Parrish                  
1.45pm - Graham Hinkley
2.30pm - Steve Chase & Andy                 
3.15pm - The Shambles                 
4.00pm - Alfie Darlin                                   
4.45pm - Terry Faulkner                 
5.30pm - Dronny Bottom Buskers                 

7.15pm - Saguaro - Country band playing great songs, classics old and new and a few surprises.

8.15pm - Depth Charge - A journey into turbo charged blues rock.

9.30pm - Highway Child

Hugely popular Rail Ale regulars – nine-piece blues & soul band (with a twinge of funk), playing all the classics you can think of and more.

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Saturday 20th May 2023

In the Marquee

2.00pm - Belly Dancing – Yes, you read that right – and we’re sure you will all enjoy this very special session!  

3.00pm – Ashover Brass Band – A great local band that never fails to please the Roundhouse crowd.

Main Stage

1.15pm - Erin                                                     
2.00pm - Sonny & Allan                    
2.45pm - Double Sided Tapirs
3.30pm - Matt Meakin                 
4.15pm - Taylor & Hart                 
5.00pm - Redwood                 
6.00pm - Hipper Street West

8.00pm - Crossroads - Classic rock & blues band.
9.30pm - Flash - A headline act not to be missed! The world's most authentic live Queen tribute band.

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